Thursday, December 5, 2013

Juicy Sessions N. 02 - VinylAddicted

One of these funky gemstones... :-)))
"VinylAddicted" - or Akis for friends - born in 1981 in Greece. Since his early youth he was lucky to inherit the huge tape and vinyl collection from his parents, who were really passionate with disco, funk, jazz and soul music. Akis, yet from the age of 12, started gathering all the LPs, maxi singles and rarities that were included in his parents tapes, spending uncountable hours reading and ordering from the mail brochures of the record stores worldwide. The orders, always with the parents' support, had been taking place in weekly basis, until he found himself running a collection of more than 3000 records in mid-90s.
90s was the period that Akis dived into the electronic music scene and became – after a short trip to techno music and rave – a true lover of house music and all its styles (garage, disco, progressive, funky, jazzy). He saw his house music collection reaching the number of 5000+ records in late 90s.
90s was also the period that "VinylAddicted" started broadcasting in local radios, in cities like Kavala, Drama and Thessaloniki. "Music Therapies" was the name of his first radio show, while in 1996 started also DJing in local bars and clubs with much success. House music was not only a milestone for Akis, but also turned to be his motive of reaching deeper and understanding the roots of house music that are tightly bind with disco, soul and afro music. "Ain't no music future without the music basis from the past: soul, disco, funk, house" is the motto of his Soundcloud and FB page at the moment. How true!
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