Tuesday, January 21, 2014

20 soul tunes for the island

Lately a visitor of my music archive said: "OMG, that's too much to listen to, what album would you pick if you could take just one with you to an island?". Firstly I thought that I simply wouldn't go and that this question is almost inhuman :-). So I changed it into: If I had just 20 songs to pick, what songs would make it? I came up with this spontaneous and individual playlist. There's no such thing as the best 20 soul songs but I can tell song by song when and where I got me these! They were, are and will be valued companions in my life! Hope you enjoy!
Manchmal hilft der Zufall , und man stößt auf Musik wie diese. Zuhören und... freuen :-)))
What a compilation :-)))

via mc.
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