Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lefty //tape

Schönes, entspanntes und sowas von klassisches House-Tape für den gepflegten Nachmittag :-)))
Nice and soulful house tape - njoy :-))

Home And Garden feat. Nkemdi - An Invitation (Osunlade Yoruba Soul Remixes)
Shazz and St. Germain - Muse Q The Music 
Jazzy Jeff feat. Erro - Rock Wit U
Ron Trent - Coconut Jam
Soul Central - Song for Sharma (Soul Renegade Remix)
Gordon Scott - Everything (Club Mix)
Mc-Fenda - Space In Time (Main Mix)
Renato Xtrova & Os Banah - Kibuissa
Sandman & Riverside - Into Your Story feat Jeremy Ellis & Kai Alce(Distinctive Vocal Mix)
Rosario & Lebo - Silly Of Me (Instrumental )
via sc.
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